Welcome to IAPS 2017 Symposium

This Symposium celebrates the great achievement of reuniting over 80 international scholars from 16 countries in Dar es Salaam. The Institute of Human Settlement Studies (IHSS) has created a buzz at Ardhi University and it’s all about fostering academic advancement and enabling scientific literacy across the continent.

At IAPS 2017 we have an opportunity to showcase what we do as scientists and practitioners and how we understand and explain the complexity of cities. We will take a particular look at the implications of global environmental changes for the management of land, we will address vulnerability and risk communication and we will draw lessons from different responses globally.

This symposium is therefore the perfect platform for mutual learning and exchange. IAPS 2017 offers 12 highly interesting thematic sessions. Our hope is to create a space to engage your knowledge and practical experience for taking more decisive steps towards strengthening our scientific knowledge and creating changes toward sustainability.

Karibuni Dar es Salaam, you will be taken by this city, there is something unique about Dar, It’s Tanzania’s most prominent hub in art, media, music and has a long and fascinating history of trading. Dar es Salaam means Harbor of Peace and is home to a diverse community of African Tanzanians, Arabic and Asian people.

We are grateful to all of you who made this Symposium possible. Our gratitude goes to the IAPS Association, the IAPS Steering Committee, the Ardhi University, our International Scientific Committee, our excellent Keynote Speakers, our enthusiastic IAPS support team and many others who made contributions in cash and in kind.
We wish you stimulating discussions and an inspiring and productive time together!


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