Cities in expansion and resettlement effects in East Africa

By Dawah Lulu Magembe-Mushi

This is an important topic that is often overlooked in the continent. As the city of Dar es Salaam continues to grow with limited basic infrastructure the consequences for displaced families are specially perceivable. This group is particularly challenged by settling far away from more populated areas, thus loosing livelihood opportunities and facing more severe basic infrastructure limitations.

In Dar es Salaam participants will be able to take a closer look at a large resettlement project which have displaced more than 3,000 households from two informal settlements (Kipawa and Kigilagila) and resettled them as far as 22kms from their previous settlements. These resettlements areas were yet to be provided with basic facilities such as access roads, water and electricity supply, market places, and let alone employment and livelihood opportunities.

Dr. Dawah Lulu Magembe-Mushi is a lecturer at Archi University.